Diabetic foot ulcer referral

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Referral guidance for multi-professional diabetes foot ulcer clinic

Any presenting diabetes foot ulcer with impalpable pulses should be referred immediately to Vascular Unit, Raigmore Hospital via SCI referral letter or faxed to Vascular Office (01463 704544).
The patient can be expected to be seen in a Vascular clinic soon.

 (This referral pathway will be different for patients in Argyll & Bute)

 Diabetic Foot Infections Guideline

Referral Criteria
  1. Diabetes foot ulcer/palpable pulse
    • immediate outpatient referral to Podiatry (locality contact details below)

  2. Spreading infection or critical ischaemia
    • emergency admission to Surgery or Medicine
      01463 704000 and page 4000 (medical on call) or 6009 (surgical on call)

See Diabetic Foot Problem (Northern NHS Highland Admission)

If there is any doubt concerning appropriate footwear or pressure relief refer IMMEDIATELY to Orthotics Department, Raigmore Hospital (01463 704178)    

Telephone Referrals

Telephone referrals from any health care professional are accepted and must be followed up by written communication as soon as possible e.g. letter, completed SCI-Diabetes comments/ulcer management section.



  • Diabetes Centre, Raigmore Hospital Tel. No. 01463 255930

(Any concerns about diabetes foot ulceration pre- or post-clinic day should be fielded through the Locality based Specialist Podiatrists).

  • Podiatry Diabetes Co-ordinator, Medical Centre, Martha Tce., Wick, Tel: 01955 604758
  • Diabetes Specialist Podiatrists, Diabetes Centre, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness Tel: 01463 255937 or 01463 723250
  • Vascular Unit, Dept of General Surgery, Raigmore Hospital, Tel: 01463 706127
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