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For further information on the Lymphoedema service see NHS Highland webpages

Compression Hosiery Formulary

The Lymphoedema Support Network - Provides information and support to those living with or affected by lymphoedema/chronic oedema

Maggies - Contains local and national information and resources about lymph and lymphoedema 

MLDUK - Promotes public awareness of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) from the point of view of both the patient & potential practitioners.

NHS inform - Lymphoedema

Macmillan - Lymphoedema: side effects and symptoms

Cancer Research UK - Lymphoedema and cancer


Lymphoedema practitioners

Practitioners with lymphoedema management qualifications

Specialist practitioners


Advanced Nurse - Lymphoedema Caithness General Hospital Tel: 01955 880251


All specialist treatments, including MLD, bandaging, self-care support and compression garments


Lymphoedema Specialist Nurse - Highland Breast Centre, Raigmore Hospital Tel: 01463 706288


Key workers


Physiotherapy Team Lead, Railston Road, Campbelltown Tel: 01586 555806

Patients seen as required

Self-care support and compression garments


Physiotherapist Mackinnon Memorial Hospital Broadford Tel: 01471 822491

Six monthly clinic in Portree, new referrals seen as required.

Self-care support and compression garments

Advice may be obtained from: High-UHB.Highland-Lymphoedema@nhs.net
And the Lymphoedema Advice Line: 01955 880251

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