Foot and Ankle Problems

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Hallux Valgus
  • Lateral deviation of hallux
  • Become symptomatic with ill fitting shoes
  • Bursitis forms over medial prominence, may ulcerate
  • Secondary corns and callous
Hallux Rigidus
  • Degenerative osteoarthritis of 1st MTP joint
  • Pain during and after activity
  • Decreased ROM in joint
  • MTP joint synovitis/instability
  • Intermetarsal bursitis
  • MTP joint arthritis
  • Painful plantar callosites
Pump bumps
  • Prominent posterior aspect of calcaneum
Achilles Tendonosis
  • Tenderness and swelling proximal to insertion of tendon to posterior calcaneum
Midfoot arthritis/Tibialis Posterior rupture
  • Pain and stiffness
  • Local Tenderness
  • Loss of medial longitudinal arch
Plantar Pad
  • Fat pad atrophy with non-specific pain under heel
Plantar Fasciitis
  • Pain is worse on taking first steps in the morning
  • Tenderness at attachment of plantar fascia to medial calcaneal tubercle
  • Spurs are not significant and therefore X-Rays are not indicated
Lateral ankle sprains
  • Lateral ankle pain, swelling and giving way
Morton's Neuroma
  • Paroxysmal neuralgia affecting web spaces and 2/3/4 toes
  • Mainly a clinical diagnosis and further investigations are done as indicated
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